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This Guy Just Made a Gun That Fires Nerf Darts at Twice the Speed of Sound [VIDEO]

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Nerf guns were created so it was completely possible to shoot your friends and relatives in the most enjoyable and painless way possible. Sure, getting shot by a Nerf toy gets marginally irritating if it keeps happening and you don’t actually want to take part, but it was never super-painful. Until now…

nerf 1

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Toy manufacturers want to avoid lawsuits so they limit the power that products such as those created by Nerf have. It might not particularly tickle when you get hit by a Nerf dart, especially at close range or in in certain sensitive areas, however, you more than likely won’t find yourself writhing on the ground in agony. A YouTube user by the name of Giaco Whatever struggled to see the fun in that concept and decided to knock things up a notch.

Giaco Whatever, who posts videos under the tagline “I make things,” has found a way to make Nerf darts deadly and has posted several videos of his results online. Using an air-powered cannon packing 400 PSI of pressure, he has managed to launch Nerf darts at at 1,700 miles an hour. That’s over twice the speed of sound, mach 2.3 to be precise! Enough to do more damage than just leave a little welt if you were to be hit by one.

nerf 2

Safety has never particularly been one of Giaco Whatever’s main concerns, as this is the same person who once attached a bunch of razor blades to a spinning top for one of his videos. So it comes as no surprise that his fearless attempts at turning a Nerf dart into a deadly weapon have had some entertaining, albeit interesting, results. Previously he had managed to shoot a dart through ballistics gel and even an aluminum can, so what can he muster up this time?

In this, his latest video, Giaco Whatever again blasted a Nerf dart with compressed air at a pressure equal to that which you would experience if you tried to dive under 870 feet of seawater. That was enough to punch a hole in a wooden board, all the while turning the lightweight foam body of his dart into nothing but useless shrapnel. Replace that board with a person and they are going to have a whole range of problems on their hands.