Who Sent Florida Nile Crocodiles? [VIDEO]

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Florida has much to be proud of. Florida Man. Gatorade. Being the deciding vote in any number of presidential elections. But Nile crocodiles were not on that list.

Until now.

Someone (either a disgruntled zoo employee, or someone with a large pets, or any number of Bond villians) let loose at least three Nile crocodiles. Native to Africa, these crocildes can grow up to 20 feet (averaging about 16 feet) and weighing up to 1,600 pounds (averaging only about a third of that). All American crocs only get 14 feet on average, to give a size comparison.

Add in that Nile crocodiles have a nasty reputation of being humanitarians (being 10 times as likely to attack as American alligator), and Florida would kindly likely someone to collect them. Preferably now.