Watch Motorcyclist Rescue His Idiot Friend From Police While Abandoning His Bike

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Fight or flight. It’s the most basic of instincts in all creatures, humans included.

When fighting isn’t an option, people tend to flee through whatever obstacles are in front of them, like in this video of a bike rider crashing his bike as cops try to grab him. His only remaining option is to run away as fast as his skinny jeans will let him.

Video of the incident, apparently filmed with a potato, shows a group of riders together when one individual is targeted by police, with an officer storming into frame and trying to pull the rider off the bike from behind.


The skinny jean-clad rider guns the engine in a panic, does a wheelie, and lanesplits between two vehicles – before promptly crashing in the middle of the intersection. Undeterred, he jumps up and starts running full speed for another riders bike, hopping on the back and zooming off.

Unless the bike is stolen (a distinct possibility), the running moron left it sitting in the middle of an intersection with the VIN and license plate to make things easier for the police.

It’s people like this that give cyclists a bad name. Well, them and the guys that shot up a casino in Reno a few years back. That didn’t help either.