Top Ten Marvel Secrets [Video]

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With Civil War looming in the MCU, let’s take a moment to apperciate some the weirder things Marvel Comics has done over the years.

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#10 Marvel Illuminati
Founded by Iron Man behind the scenes, the Marvel Illuminati are where the big thinkers of the Marvel world gather to pull strings. Funnily enough, the reason for secrecy is to decrease anti-superhero sentiment. Because the Illuminati is best known for it’s public image.

Planed Parenthood

#9 Spider Man Advocates Safe Sex
Planned Parenthood wanted to get to the youth culture, and made a deal with Marvel for the brilliant PSA of ‘The Amazing Spiderman vs The Prodigy’, where an alien convinces teens to have unprotected sex in order to abduct their kids as slaves for his home-world. Like many PSA’s, this subtle work ended with a detailed poster on the topic at the end.


#8 Marvelous Animals
Remember that joke about Spiderpig in the Simpsons movie? He’s known as Peter Porker (spectacular Spider Ham) and has been a real character since 1983. Not only that, but the Marvel Multiverse abounds with Animal Avengers such as Captain Americat, Nick Furry (Agent of Sheep), and Deerdevil. That’s right, for once someone beat the Simpsons to the joke.


Ridiculous copyrights are common these days, but did you know from 1975 until 1996 Marvel owned the term zombie? It got the wonderful term after publishing the story Tale of the Zombie in 1973. The copyright was a bit too good, however, and was near impossible to enforce.
That’s not to say they didn’t have some more amazing copyrights, co-operating with DC in the mid-90s to force Cup of Java to remove the word ‘superhero’ from their products.


6) Marvel DC Cross Over
Speaking of DC co-operation, despite industry rivalries, DC and Marvel published a joint imprint and world from 1996 to 1997. The ‘Amalgam’ Universe featured heroes that fused DC and Marvel favorites like Darkclaw (Wolverine meets Batman), Super Soilder (Superman meets Captain America), and Iron Lantern (Green Lantern combined with Iron Man).

Michael Jackson

5)Michael Jackson Tried to Buy Marvel
Shocking as it might seem, the King of Pop nearly bought out Marvel Studios. Heck, he even had Stan “Cameo’s Everywhere” Lee on his side. The motive was simple: MJ wanted to be in a Spiderman movie, but figured his only shot was to buy out the struggling Marvel comics. The current owner was suspicious Stan was looking to take over the company through Michael, so raised the price to one billion dollars. MJ moon walked away from that particular smooth criminal.


4)Marvel Characters Declared Not Human
Yes, the United States has come down on the “Mutant Issue” in court. At Marvel’s urging, the various Marvel characters were declared non-human in 2003, since humanoid action figures were taxed twice as much in imports. Sorry Xavier.


3)Stan Lee, Everywhere
As of February 2016, Stan Lee has been in 28 Marvel Movies. The total profit of these Marvel Movies is 6.4 billion in the States, making Stan the third highest grossing actor in the United States behind Samuel L. Jackson and Transformers voice star Frank Welker. Not bad for 93 year old who’s on screen for at most a few minutes.


2)Marvel Heroes Changes
Not only has Marvel changed its name (originally Timely Comics), but several famous characters have morphed as well. Early Iron Man comics required the suit to be charged, almost like a modern cellphone, and the originally Incredible Hulk was gray until green proved more reliable in printing. One wonders how the Avengers would have changed if Tony need to stop home to get his charger.


1)Di Another Day
In 2003, Marvel made a shocking announcement: Its latest comic would feature a resurrected Princess Diana. The writer, Peter Milligan, said that the public’s fascination gave the real life (or rather, deceased) Princess of Wales the perfect start for a mutant superhero. Buckingham Palace’s spokesperson, however, argued that the comic was a cheap cash in on Princess Diana’s death.