This Massive Grouper Trolling a Spearfisher Is a World Class Ahole [VIDEO]

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A spearfisherman was the clear loser in a battle of wits with a Goliath Grouper who may just be the biggest a**hole fish in the entire ocean.


Over and over again, the spearfisher gets his sights on a fish and executes a perfect shot… only to have the Grouper swoop in from outside his field of vision to nab the fish and, several times, drag the fisher with him.


The video gets funnier and funnier as the spearfisher, dubbed “Angry Underwater Guy” by YouTube commenters, gets more and more upset and can be heard screaming into his regulator each time the grouper swooshes in.

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But he’s not deterred until he finally gives up for better grounds… presumably with fewer Goliath Groupers to torment him.


As the videos description explains, this battle of wits occurred at a shipwreck in the Gulf of Mexico:

Goliath groupers can grow to 800 pounds and nine feet long. That’s big enough to drag a spear fisherman, like the man in this video, who loses his temper when his parrotfish catch is snatched away by a goliath. “What is a grouper supposed to do, anyway, when a fish is injured in the neighborhood?” says oceanographer and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Sylvia Earle. “Dinnertime!” The incident took place at a shipwreck in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Goliath groupers often gather at shipwrecks and reefs to eat and socialize.

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