This Lego Recreation of Russians Kicking Nazi Butt is Historically Awesome!

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You can build amazing things with Legos but, what do do you do when you’ve built all the fighter planes and tanks you can imagine? You take them to war and make a movie!

Youtube user “Brick Dictator” takes it all to the next level with this amazing recreation of the German invasion of Russia – and the resounding butt kicking the Russians ultimately doled out, at a massive price.

According to War History Online:

Just before dawn on June 22nd, 1941 the attack is launched. Over the course of the operation, about four million soldiers of the Axis powers invaded the Soviet Union along a 1,800-mile front, the largest invasion force in the history of warfare.

In addition to troops, the Germans employed some 600,000 motor vehicles and between 600,000 and 700,000 horses. It marked the beginning of the rapid escalation of the war, both geographically and in the formation of the Allied coalition.

Operationally, the Germans won resounding victories and occupied some of the most important economic areas of the Soviet Union, mainly in Ukraine, both inflicting and sustaining heavy casualties.

Despite their successes, the German offensive stalled on the outskirts of Moscow and was subsequently pushed back by a Soviet counteroffensive. The Red Army repelled the Wehrmacht’s strongest blows and forced Germany into a war of attrition for which it was unprepared.