This is What Happens When Grandmas Shoot Guns for the First Time [VIDEO]

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It’s one of life’s eternal questions… “Will grandma like shooting a gun?”

That’s exactly what Buzzfeed set out to discover when they took a pair of grandmothers to a California gun range to shoot for the first time in their lives. With the help of California Gun Girls and the Oak Tree Gun Club, it was time to find out the answer. You know, for science.


[scroll down for video]

“I’m excited. And a little scared,” said grandma Willow. “I might be good at it but I don’t have very high expectations.

Image 019

Meanwhile, grandma Maryann  said, “I’ve actually never seen a real gun so it’s gonna be a real interesting experience for me.”

Image 020

The lovely ladies were guided by Range Safety Officer Robert Martin who introduced them to a variety of firearms including .22 caliber, 9mm, and .38 special handguns.

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After a safety briefing covering proper firearms handling and trigger discipline (pro tip: keep your booger finger off the bang switch), Maryann picked up the .22 pistol and fired her first rounds.

The first shot clearly scares her a little bit, but she quickly settles in before telling Willow “it’s a little scary, but it’s fun”.

Image 022

Willow steps up like a champ, taking aim with one eye and calmly pressing the trigger before saying “piece of cake”.

Image 023

Then the ladies break out the revolver and it’s .38 special ammunition.

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Maryann’s only comment is that she’s “aiming one place but the bullets come out and go another place”, while range officer Robert vigorously shakes his head no in the background.

Image 029

Willow’s reaction can be seen all over her face. As she so eloquently put it, “I’m having fun.”

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Finally, the ladies were given the opportunity to shoot at a red steel silhouette target. Steel targets are popular among shooters for the distinctive ring they make when hit, and these ladies were making the steel ring.

Image 028

When it was time to sum up their experiences, you couldn’t get two more different answers.

“It was a very interesting experience but to me I didn’t find it exhilarating,” Maryann said. “I found it very scary.”

Meanwhile, Willow may have the greatest answer ever from a first time shooter:

“It’s really taught me to understand why people enjoy coming out to a range and shooting a gun.

“Something about holding that gun and shooting the target made me feel very quiet and centered inside and that me and the target could be one and the same.”


I’m pretty sure we can guess which one will be going to back for more fun at the range.