This is the World’s Largest Revolver. And It’s Awesome. [HD VIDEO]

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You carry a 9mm? Weak. You carry a .45? Weak. How about a 28mm?


Ryszard Tobys of Poland now holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest working revolver.

Because most of the parts are handmade, the massive replica of the Remington model 1859 took almost 2,500 hours to build.

The six-shot revolver uses 136 gram (or 2,099 grain) projectiles and claims to have “great accuracy” at ranges up to 50 meters.

This takes the concept of “open carry”to ridiculous levels.

You can be the first kid on your block with a 28mm handgun, order now!


I don’t know about “great accuracy” given that it was shot off of a stable platform and missed by several inches. Can we go with “as good as it’s going to get” accuracy?


As you can tell from the excitement in this picture, Ryszard is ecstatic about the record: