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The New York Post-It War [VIDEO]

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It all began with a hello.
[scroll down for video]


A “Hi” that was the first shot in what would be a sprawling conflict. Within the belly of Manhattan, a multitude of replies rose.


Days dragged on, and soon,the fighting spiraled out any sense of control. Windows were covered in office ammunition, with  media businesses on either side putting out there best.


Pop culture icons joined the fray, from Optimus Prime (and his more brightly colored twin apparently)…


To the late-and-great Prince and the first Avenger himself  Captain America.


Even the Ghostbusters arrived in the early days of the war, their ensigna proudly displayed among others.


There was some order, some organization in parts of the glass war-zone. A Snap Chat icon was spotted, rather elaborately crafted.


But overall the chaos ran wild, messages from strangers pouring out into the uncaring void.


During the later stages, sightings of the now movie stars, the Angry Birds, emerged.


By then, local office supply stories had begun funneling ammunition in for free. The offices would never run low on supplies.


And with the arrival of juggernauts like the Simpsons…


And Spiderman himself, no end to the war was in sight.


But it could not be. At last, building managers informed particpants that all the barricades must be gone by the weekend.

So, the firm Havas Worldwide, who launched the initial ‘sup’ gathered it’s workers, stayed late, and ordered pizza. All for the final act of war. The biggest mic drop NYC has ever seen.


Update: Not that it ended any hostilities mind you. After all, you dropped this.


The following video was record, detailing the exploits in the war: