Something Awesome Happens When Anti-Gun Hipsters Shoot Guns for the First Time. [VIDEO]

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A group of California hipsters took the challenge to see if their hatred of guns had any validity at all. The results were startling.

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The group came from mixed backgrounds with all but one being clearly anti-gun. Before starting, each was asked their personal feelings on guns, with answers such as “I don’t like guns. At all.” and “I’ve been invited to the gun range before with friends and I’ve said ‘No’ and I’ve just sat in the car outside of the gun range while they shot guns.”

Only one member of the group had ever fired a gun and he said, “I’m an Eagle Scout, I was raised in the South, I’ve shot a lot of guns.”

They discussed the appeal of guns in American culture, before ever having fired a gun, and one said:

“It’s like a James Bond thing and he’s a cool sexy guy. And I’m a cool sexy guy.”

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“They keep talking about James Bond. Keith will not shut up about tuxes”.

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Their views became more prominent once insid”These are military grade weapons whose only purpose is to kill people. To kill a lot of people very fast, very effectively.”

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Then it was time to his the range, and things got off to a rocky start.

“The first bullet went off and I jumped and I was not ready for it.”

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But then something very interesting started happening… they started having fun.

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Shooting a mix of handguns, shotguns, and so-called “assault weapons”, the guys quickly began to have a blast.

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“I get it. I now get it. I didn’t get it and now I get it. Guns are really f&*&ing fun.”

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“It took me most of a day to get over the adrenaline rush of it all,” one said during an interview session after shooting.

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“Now that I’ve done it. I get it. It’s exhilarating.”

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“I’m really glad I did it. I’ve not done it so many times because I was afraid but I faced my fear and I think it’s totally fine to shoot any kind of gun in a gun range.”

The men were the people at the gun range who really knew what they were doing. I respect that.”

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