Heart Warming

Money Stolen From Car! You Won’t Believe What This Homeless Veteran Does! [VIDEO]

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When HammyTV creator Ryan Hammy set out on his latest prank/social experiment video, he had no idea he’d end up crying by the end of filming.

Hammy, a former Army MP, and his crew started filming a “social experiment” by leaving hundreds of dollars on the dashboard of a car with open windows to see what people would do as they walked by.

As expected, many people couldn’t resist taking what they saw as free money and trying to convince themselves they weren’t stealing, even after Hammy showed them all the cameras that had recorded them. Then Paul, a homeless veteran, came along.

Paul, wearing a hat that says “Veteran” and a leather vest emblazoned with numerous military patches, appears to reach into the car and take the money. But, when Hammy confronted the homeless veteran about the stolen money, he was in for a shock.

“I put it in your glove compartment,” Paul tells Hammy.

Incredulous, Hammy checks and finds all of the money right where Paul said it would be. A brief exchange led the two veterans to trade patches – Hammy giving his MP patch from Iraq and Paul passing over his Desert Storm Saudi Arabia patch.

Hammy gave Paul one hundred dollars, took him to dinner, and then gave him a ride closer to the shelter he’s staying at.

Faith in humanity restored. Now, who wants to find a GoFundMe account for Paul so we can share the link?