Man Takes on Underground Wasp Nest & Gets More Than He Bargained For In Disturbing Video

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Nope. Nope. Nope. Not gonna do it. This is seriously the type of work best suited for flamethrowers, not going hands on.

A German man was faced with a massive underground (yes, they do that) wasp nest and took it on like a champion – and brought his camera along so we can all share in his terror.

Dressed in a bee suit and armed with a garden tool, the fearless (or more likely, completely terrified) man takes on the task of digging out the nest while thousands of wasps swarm around him, creating a terrifying cacophony of buzzing and clicking noises.

Personally, I think this guy and his flamethrower have the right idea on handling these things.

Commenters online have been pretty unanimous in their thoughts.

“My heart rate just rose with 10-15 bpm by just looking at this.”

“I would start screaming and never stop. I imagine that he’s doing this but still screaming every second of the way.”

“This is the real reason nukes were created.”