INSTANT KARMA: 2 Pranksters Mess With the Wrong Man’s Lamborghini [VIDEO]

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Eric Meldikem and Čeňek Styblo are a pair of Czech “pranksters” who run a Youtube channel called Viral Brothers.

Their “hilarious” hijinks have included a faked suicide and other terror inducing scenarios but this time their “we ah prankstah’s” attitude bit them in the ass.

After claiming to be cut off and given the finger by an older gentleman driving a Lamborghini, the eurotrash duo decided to follow the man to his destination.

Once the Lamborghini driver went in, the duo plotted to use fake poop and make it look like they were taking a dump on the hood of his car as he walked out. Of course, this lead to a confrontation with the driver asking the prankster “why would you do this” and the prankster responding “you cut us off”.

So the Lamborghini driver is facing a man at least 30 years his junior who made it clear he was upset about being cut off and had followed the car.

That’s when the euro-prankster was introduced to the American Taser.

Do you think the driver over-reacted or were the pranksters asking for it?