I’M LOVIN’ IT: McDonalds Customer Gets Knocked Out for Refusing to Leave [VIDEO]

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This may be the hardest punch I’ve ever seen or heard.

It sounds like it hurt even worst than it looks like it hurt.

The incident started around 3a.m. at an East Lansing, Michigan McDonalds when a Michigan State University student entered the fast food chain and spit on the counter.

After an employee told him to stop, the student picked up a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign and threw it at an employee.

He was promptly asked to leave and refused. That’s when the store manager asked an employee to come from the back to help get the belligerent student out.

According to Kevin Lange, the person who filmed, the student was trying to pick a fight with the employees and resisting their efforts to leave the store.

Then the punch came and the student no longer felt like fighting. Hell, he no longer felt at all for a while.

But he did leave the store.