Five Comic Book Heroes That Are Real People [VIDEO]

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The big screen is full of spandex clad caped crusaders, from Civil War to Batman vs Superman to X-Men: Apocalypse. But fictional heroes are one thing, here we have the real deal. Five people who are worthy of a movie release, and are flesh in blood.

Aquaman 2
5. Aquaman

Mike “Shark Man” Rutzen began life as a normal fishermen in South Africa. His enthusiasm for the ocean brought out his amazing natural ability: The power to control and command wild sharks.

Aquaman 1

This amateur Aquaman was often diving so close to sharks he could pet them. Shark Man has spent more time than anyone else around cage-less Great Whites, yet has not once been harmed. Rutzen has turned the power to use, and become an outspoken advocate of shark conservation.


4.Spider Man

Peter Parker move over, Jyothi Raj is coming in for the win. Raj can climb straight vertical walls without much difficulty, and without needing to be bitten by a radioactive spider or constantly having his life swirl down the toilet.


Raj has scaled three hundred foot heights, regularly, with no harness or safety mat. Raj believes his lack of hospital visits is due to the blessings of local monkeys.


3. Power Man

While Rutzen has his sharks, Raj has his monkeys, this man claims to be a straight up Achilles. A thirty eight year old Shaolin monk believes he can control the toughness of his skin. This claim was documented in 2010 at a martial arts competition.

Invicible Skin

There the monk held a spinning drill to both his head and stomach. And was unharmed. He also has been reported catching an electrical saw with his bare hands. Like a true superhero, he uses his powers to protect local children.

Animal Man

2. Animal Man

Kevin Richardson is another South African with unusual animal talents. Having quit zoology school in his early twenties, Richardson went out into the savanna with his intuition. Focusing on his instincts, Richardson went out among the lions and wild mammals of Africa.


And has since been declared one of the greatest animal behaviorists of all time. Having spent days alone with lions, Richardson works with them side by side. He eat, sleeps, and lives with them, having become one of the pride.


1. Plastic Man

Daniel Browning Smith holds a number of world record titles, including the World’s Most Flexible Man. After showing his mother stunts like jumping off the bunk bed and landing in the splits, smith quickly embraced the name Rubber Boy.


His contortions are so extreme that scientists and fellow professional contortionists are confused and baffled by them. Feats include crawling through and unstrung tennis racket, hide in a suit case, and hiding his entire body in a small box with no discomfort.