She’s Being Sexually Harassed at a Bar. Too Bad She’s a Krav Maga Expert. [VIDEO]

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Video from a bar shows a drunk douchebag in a bar getting rejected, then manhandling the girl who turned him down. But there’s something about her he didn’t know.

Turns out, his would-be victim is an IDF veteran and Krav Maga expert.

He (and his two friends) learns that lesson in dramatic and painful fashion as she unleashes a beating for the ages. As the description to the video says:

These three guys didn’t know the Israeli girl mastered Israeli martial art ‘Krav Maga’ and they didn’t know all Israelis are trained in the army. Hahahaha, their balls are all broken.

The girl in the video, 19-year-old Gili Ganani took to Facebook and explained the video was actually an elaborately staged video that was created and released to encourage women to train for self-defense so that they don’t become victims.


The purpose of the video was to raise the awareness of the importance of self-Defense for women and men. Especially in this period every day we hear about upsetting news (and not just for women).

Thank you everyone for warm words and support I’ve been stressing and hoping there are some among you.

And if you want a tutorial on dealing with a douchebag in a bar, check out this video from the YouTuber Krav Maga Girl.