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Child’s Amazing Act of Compassion At Stranger’s Vigil Comes Full Circle [VIDEO]

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On June 30, 2016 Memphis lost a wonderful young man. Eighteen year old Brent Price was killed in a car accident. Freshly graduated from high-school and on his way to college, Price was all set to begin studying to be a dentist.

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Price was remembered by his community in a candlelight vigil, and donations were requested to pay for his funeral.


By chance a little boy named Max, only ten years old, passed by the vigil on his way home. Max never met Price, but when the small child learned what happened, his heart immediately broke. And he did the best any small child could do.

Max ran all the way home, got every last bit of money he could out of piggy bank, and ran back to the vigil with three dollars in hand. After that, Max donated every bit of change he could find in his mother’s purse.

He then, out of compassion, donated all twenty dollars he’d been saving up for his dream of being a country musician. For five weeks he’d saved up for the most essential part, a guitar. But even that wasn’t worth seeing people so sad.


“You know what, they need it more,” Max told FOX13. “I Just forget about the guitar. I can get that later.”

While a little over twenty three dollars isn’t the most impressive, it’s an amazing sacrifice by a small child. The compassion kids are capable of in spirit, if not substance, never ceases to amaze. This kid essentially gave up his dreams for a complete stranger.


News spread fast, first from local newspapers then onto a news segment FOX13. And then, as Max was leaving the FOX interview, a stranger stopped him. Watch the video to see how one boy’s kindness came full circle.