Bike Thieves + Electricity = Hilarious Thug Payback! [VIDEO]

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There are a number of ways to secure a bicycle to prevent thieves, but these guys went next level on it and recorded it all for your enjoyment.

Prankster brothers Jeremy and Jason Holden kitted out an ordinary bike with shock devices hidden in the handlebars and seat before leaving it out in the street in Los Angeles.

The duo then sat quietly around the corner, waiting for the eventual scumbag to come along and try to steal the bike, filming every moment with multiple pre-positioned cameras.

Of course, it’s Hollywood and thieves are everywhere so it was just a matter of moments for someone to come along and try to ride the bike down the steep hill it was parked atop.

And that’s when the brothers activated the electric devices via remote control sending him sprawling to the ground.

And it happened over and over throughout the day.

Do you consider this effective thug deterrence?