Baseball Fan Catches Bat and Beer at Same Time [VIDEO]

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Catching a fly ball, while not an everyday experience by any means, is pretty common when you think about it. Almost everyone’s been to a game where it’s happened, and while not everyone’s caught one, it wouldn’t be that shocking to meet someone who did. This Minnesota fan, however, is something spectacular. Not only did he catch a wayward bat, but the he did so one handed. Why? Because his other hand was preoccupied with his beer. And not a drop of sweet sweet alcohol was spilled.

At a St. Paul’s Saints versus Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks, a RedHawk batter’s grip on his bat slipped. and off the length of lumber went, straight toward Jody Manisto-Cassel. Jody Manisto-Cassel’s husband reached up, grabbed the flying bat. Then, as if suprised by his own skill, pointed at his beer and got a quick kiss from his wife.

The fan’s wife, Jody Manisto-Cassel, later posted on the the St. Pauls Saint’s team Facebook: ‘I felt like it was coming at us in slow motion but it certainly wasn’t. He just put his hand up and snatched it right out of thin air like he had velcro on his hand. Insane.”

While Mr. Manisto-Cassel had to return the bat, he was given his own practice bat for his amazing catch. I hope this guy goes pro.