ARE YOU KIDDING ME?: MMA Fighter Argues With Ref that Fight is Over [VIDEO]

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In a move that Sensei Kreese would have found offensive, MMA fighter Chad George had to argue with a referee that his opponent was unconscious.

With just a minute and a half remaining in the first round, it appeared that Mark Vorgeas was about to escape a Von Flue choke by George when the strangest argument in MMA history occurred. George trying to convince the referee that his opponent was out:

George: “He’s out!”

Ref: “No he’s not. No he’s not.”

George: “Yes he is! Yes he is! He’s out!”

That’s when George stood up, hands extended to his side and the ref had a chance to see that Vorgeas was in fact out.

Kudos to George for showing sportsmanship and letting go rather than continuing to choke Vorgeas while the ref made up his mind. As for George’s walk of… I’m not sure what that was all about.

If you’re wondering what a Von Flue choke is, check this out:

If you’re wondering who Sensei John Kreese is, please stop everything you’re doing and go watch Karate Kid. Here’s the clip we’re referring to: