A T-Rex Doing American Ninja Warrior Will Absolutely Make Your Day [VIDEO]

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If there’s one thing that seems impossible for a T-Rex to do, it’s conquer the American Ninja Warrior course. Cursed with short arms, a 5-ton body mass (way off the official BMI scale, even at his height), and a giant head, the course seems made to destroy the King of the Dinosaurs dominance.

Image 007


But that’s exactly what this dino ninja decided to take on during the Atlanta filming of the show, much to the crowd’s surprise.

Image 010

[scroll down for video]

But the supreme carnivore of the Cretaceous period quickly conquered the first obstacle, known as the floating steps and moved on to the The Big Dipper.

Image 008

And he crushes it!

Image 012

The other ninja’s, millions of years younger and much, much lighter couldn’t help but cheer the dino ninja on.

Image 014

T-Rex briefly sized up the third obstacle before flying across it, showing surprisingly light steps for his age and size.

Image 016

He then took a moment to either celebrate or choose who was going to be dinner.

Image 017

The Spin Cycle, a new obstacle for this year seemed like a surefire failure point, but T-Rex quickly hopped up an onto the first spinner and then onto the second.

Image 019

Image 021

And the crowd goes wild!

Image 020

But on the jump to the third and final spinner, you could say he… short arms the transition and that’s

Image 022

Image 025

Despite the fall, T-Rex decided to take on the legendary warped wall because, well, who the hell says no to a 5 ton carnivore?

Image 028

Image 027

Image 029

So, if a multi-million year old, 5 ton creature can make it through, isn’t it time for you to try to?

No? Me either.