62-Year Old Man shows why Crowd Surfing is a Bad Idea [VIDEO]

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Crowd Surfing
Everyone gets a mid-life crisis, when they want to reacapture their youth and do crazy things before they get too old. It makes for great movies and stories, older people taking risks.

And sometimes, in the real world, those risks don’t pay off, and you face plant at a Flo-Rida concert. Like this poor 62 year old, who tried to crowd surf. No doubt he was thinking of Jack Nicholson movies and how this would go off without a hitch. It’d be awesome, and Flo Rida was encouraging him to do it, and heck he’d gotten on stage with these young hip musicians. Should work out fine.

Until no one caught him, and he became well acquainted with the ground. Sadly well timed with the music. The man seems to recover fine, standing up toward the end of the video.