12 Pranks that Went Way Too Far & Lit the Internet on Fire [VIDEO]

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Prank Gone Wrong

Pranks have been around since people realized making other people look stupid was fun. So basically forever. But in this day and age, it seems to be escalating…and in fact to have gone all the way around from funny to dangerous or frightening. Here are 12 of the worst the internet has to offer.

1. The Bikini Bottom Cheat

Josh Paler Lin decided that the best anniversary gift for his girlfriend was heartbreak. During a fake skype chat, Lin convinced a bikin model to wander around the apartment. His girlfriend thought the video was live (it was instead a pre-recording), and broke down in tears.

Lin doesn’t get a warm welcome when he reveals he was just behind the door either.

2. Balloon Puppy

Ryan Hamilton must have found UP! The most inspiring movie, since his prank feels like a bizzaro version of the movies plot. Hamilton convinced his mother and girlfriend that it’d be great to send the dog up into the air on helium balloons.

We’ll ignore briefly that sending a dog to it’s certain doom is one of the cruelest things ever, and focus on the fact that Hamilton replaced the dog with stuffed one at the last second….and added a dictophone that played whimpering noises as it floated.

While Hamilton was amused, his distraught family (uninformed of the switch) were clearly not laughing.

3.Bloody Butcher

Magician’s are essentially professional pranksters, so an unannounced one has lots of potential. Andy Gross maybe shouldn’t have stuck his arm out, however. A group of diners were asked to throw an ingredient into the air so he can slice it. Then it all goes wrong, as the knife misses and appears to go straight into Gross’s arm.

Or so it’d seem. Gross was completely fine, though the diners screaming and gagging might tell you otherwise. I’m sure the restaurant called him back for a repeat preformance.

4. The Sofa

From the land down under comes this bit of internet thunder. Shammi, an Australian internet star, attempted to drag the sofa his girlfriend was on down the road. As the couch starts move, poor Sarah screams.

And then the couch hits the front garden on it way to the road, leaving a nasty injury. A neighbor seeing a couch with a screaming woman on it going down the road called the police.

The Fake Terror

5. Fake Terror Plot

Another one from the Outback, these Australian pranksters decided that terrorism was a good joke. Last Febuary, the siblings Arman Jalal (18), Rebeen Jalal (16), and Max Jalal (20) filmed themselves staging mock drive by shootings dressed in white and with fake beards. The bid to win Facebook followers might have amused the brothers but it didn’t amuse the police.

6. Malpranktice

A pair of heartless parents decided growing up wasn’t hard enough. So, after taking her son’s tempature, this mother informed him he had contracted Ebola. The father swoops into confirm, catching the gullible childs breakdown on camera.

7. They Did Start The Fire

This prank nearly went deadly, with a group of hooligans deciding a a firework attached to a friends ass was hilarious.

Luckily for all involved, the firework didn’t full go off and permanently scar the man. He’s not pleased, however, to have his pants nearly lit on fire.

8. The Proposal Police

Now here’s an odd way to show your love for someone. Get a number of Russian riot police to harass your loved one, faking a terrorist attack. And then get down on your knee and complete the happy(?) moment by proposing.

While one comment or said they’d kill someone proposing that way, we don’t want to be hasty. I mean, clearly this guy knows people that can arrange riot police to do crazy stuff. All sorts of crazy stuff.

9. Big Brother

Former Big Brother star Sam Pepper decided to trick teenage Van Sam Golbacch into believing his best friend was kidnapped and then murdered. Traumatizing.

This of course, went over as wonderfully as the new Ghost Busters trailer, with amny calling for Pepper to be somehow be banned from the site. Certainly, Pepper is lucky the police didn’t get involved.

10. Another Guy, Another Relationship, Another Idiot

Not screwing with your significant others mind shouldn’t be this hard. Brad Holmes, who’s media of choice is Facebook, records the moment where he breaks his girlfriends heart, saying he’s headed home while he “works out what he wants”.

The result is, not surprisingly, mass sobbing. But hey, Brad, you got someone on Facebook to drop the C word in response. That’s got to be worth something.

11. Murderous Daddy

This one’s from Twitter. Roman Atwood decided to play a simple prank, and fake hurling his son to his death from the second floor bannister of his and his girlfriend’s home. Given the extremes so far, I’m a bit surprised how tame this one is. Only killing a child, not faking a terrorist attack or pretending to eat him. Impressive restraint.

12. Dentist Apocalypse

Two brothers decided to prank their drugged up sister. After her grueling dental appointment, Barret and Cabot Phillips convinced their little sister Millicent that zombies were roaming the streets of D.C. (insert joke about phone zombies here). And like most people on pain medication, she falls for it completely.

Again, pretty tame compared to most. Messing with people coming back from a dental appointment is almost a tradition at this point. But still, Zombie apoclypse? Couldnt’ you go a bit farther and make it UFOs? Or a pirate apoclypse?