12 Amazing Film Theories That Change Everything

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Movies start the brain child of half a dozen people, but once they hit the screen, millions start mulling them over. Theories form out small details, little extras, and character quirks. Here are ten of those theories, that change everything about their movies.

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10. The Joker Is A War Veteran

The posthumous nature of the Joker in Dark Knight already gives him a bit of a tragic tinge, but this theory goes farther. The theory suggest that the tactical mind, damaged psyche, skill with explosives, use of firearms, and facial scars of the Joker are the result of service in the Iraq War. Backing the theory up is the Joker’s disgust at people’s uncaring for a truck load of soldiers blown up in the same incident that scarred Harvey Dent (perhaps bring up some bad memories). The Joker: PTSD victim or just mad man on the loose?

Harry Potter

9. Hogwarts In Harry’s Head

The “it was all in this one person’s head” theory is a bit of a cop out, along with “all a dream” and “___was really dead”. But Harry Potter films lend themselves a bit better than most. The lead starts alone, friendless, and locked under a cupbaord. Hogwarts thus is the perfect alternate reality for a depressed and abused child, and explains the like of Child Protective Services being called by anyone at Hogwarts (because, again, cupboard).


8. James Bond Is A Code-name Not A Person

The world of James Bond has always been a bit shaky, as the years roll by but 007 never ages. Saying all these wonderful adventures and presumably wonderful sexual exploits happened to one man (who isn’ neccessarily Sean Connery) is a bit of a stretch. But with one little line(“This never happened to the other guy.”) this theory emerged. What if James Bond is a code-name, Dread Pirate Roberts style?


7. Childs Is The Thing

Spoilers for John Carpenters The Thing here. At the end of the movie, the two survivors (MacReady and Childs) sit with each other around the fire, waiting for death. Neither knows if the other is the shape-shifting alien they’ve been hunting.

Or do they?

This fan theory (one of many that abounds with shape-shifting movies) suggest the drink MacReady offers Childs is one of the Molotov cocktails used earlier. Since Childs doesn’t react to chugging gasoline, this suggests he might be the thing, and turns a depressing ending into something apoclyptic.


6.Doc Brown Is Sucidial

In Back To the Future Doc Brown is seen standing in front of speeding delorean, only saved by it suddenly leaping through time. This fan theory suggests that the ultimate goal of the Doc’s experiments were suicide, an elaborate way to shuffle off the mortal coil (somewhat like his alcoholic spiritual son Rick from Rick and Morty. This gives the movie a bit of an uplifting ending, as the mad and isolated Doc finds a reason to live (by driving a Deloran shaped hole in space time)

The Pixar Theory

5. Pixar’s Shared Universe

This one is fairly common now, but still. The scale of details is amazing, record in the The Pixar Theory. Highlights include the placement of a Pizza Planet truck in several movies and a stable time loop with Boo of Monster’s Inc being the witch in Brave. The theory places each story in a bit of something bigger, and was started years before the MCU began popularizing it.


4.Jurassic Park’s Dinosaurs are Dinofakes.

As your palentogogists friend might tell you, the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park aren’t like dinosaurs in real life. No, we don’t mean because the don’t have feathers, we mean simple physiology. Hammond explains it partly as a result of the frog DNA interfereing with the Dino DNA, but what if it was something simpler? What if there was no dinosaur DNA and it was a more direct Dr. Monreu style island? Makes an already thrilling movie just a bit more horrifying.


3. Firefly and Aliens Take Place In The Same Universe

Joss Whedon couldn’t wash his hand of Aliens after Aliens Resurrection, even if it’s not the most beloved entry in the franchise. In a blink and you miss it moment, you can see the Weyland Yutani logo in the Serenity’s targeting system. Firefly takes place, in this theory, years after the Aliens movies are set. Perhaps if Firefly had lasted longer, it would have revealed that the reason Earth was abandoned was due to a Xenomorph infestation.


2.E.T. Is A Jedi

Not a lot is known about the alien wanting to phone home. But there is one curious detail. When our long fingered alien buddy spots a kid dressed as Yoda, and start running toward him. Not only that but seems to recognize him. Two decades later, and E.T. or members of his species attend the galactic senate. Now, Star Wars never elaborates on this, but through out his own movie, E.T. show some basic Jedi tricks:Lifting bikes, healing children, puppeteering people. Wonder what color his lightsaber would be?


1. The Rock Is Secretly A James Bond Movie

As spy movies have taught us, job security in espionage is about as mythical as unicorn, with governments dropping assets like a rock when they become a problem. That seems to be the fate of James Mason, Sean Connery’s character in The Rock. He’s a highly trained ex-espionage agent, who’s been locked up and made to dissapear, and happens to sound very much like Mr. Bond(do to sharing one of Bond’s many actors). Maybe Sean Connery’s Bond decided not to go quietly into the night?