10 Facts About McDonald’s You’ll Be Lovin’ [VIDEO]

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From creepy clown mascots, to possibly the worst food for you health wise, McDonald’s has quite the record. Still, you’d have to be a real Ronald aficionado to know some of these facts.
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10. Where’s the Beef?

In 2012 McDonald’s quit using beef filler in their U.S. patties. The material was made by washing unwanted meat in ammonium hydroxide, and was the now infamous pink slime. Wonder how much the PR pushed them that way.



9. The McJob

A McJob is a dictionary word(has been since 1985), defined as “a low paying job with few prospects”. McDonald’s earned the dubious honor of creating the term do to the low pay of entry employees and high pay of it’s CEO Jim Skinner. A worker on minimum wage would need to work 1.2 million hours to earn the 8.75 million paid annually to the CEO.



8. Monoploy

Between 1995 and 2000 almost all the annual McDonald’s Monopoly promotional awards were won fraudulently. 13 million dollars in prizes made there way to employees off of the company running the promotion.



7. That’s A Lot of Beef

Americans eat 5 billion pounds of McDonald’s beef a year, or a bit over half a pound of beef per person on the planet. This is roughly 5.5 million cows, or all the cattle in England. That’s right, Americans consume the equivalent of all of England’s cattle…yearly.



6. Too Hot Too Handle

Stella Liebeck, who famously sued McDonald’s over the heat of it’s coffee, suffered 3rd degree burns when it melted through the cup and spilled on her lap. Her medical bill was 10,00 dollars, but McDonald’s only offered to pay under a tenth. She won over 500,000 dollars in court.



5.Service with a Smile

McDonald’s serves about 1% of the world’s population daily, 68 million to be exact. They sell 75 hamburgers a second world wide. According to the Ecology Global Network, that means for every 4 people that die, McDonald’s makes 150 hamburgers.



4.Drive Thru Duty

The first drive-thru was opened not for convenience but to serve U.S. soldiers not allowed out of vehicles in uniform. The first drive-thrus in China lead to some confusion, with customers getting food at the drive-thru and eating in the building.



3. Bigger than Jesus?

The golden arches logo is more recognizable as an icon then the Christian Cross, a study found. The study claimed 88% of people recognize the golden arches, while only 54% could identify the Cross.



2.Gitmo Big Macs

Guantanamo Bay has it’s own McDonald’s, the first and only restraunt in operation on Cuba. Allegeldly, inmates who cooperate with the military are given Big Macs and fries.




The highly recognizable arches were almost abandoned in the 1960s. Mcdonald’s was persuaded to keep the logo by design consultant Louis Cheskin, since according to Cheskin it reminded the customers of ‘large breasts’. Talk about sex sells.