IT Expert Tests Cameras at Home, Captures Unexpected Intruder On Video

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As surveillance equipment gets smaller and more affordable, many Americans are supplementing their security systems devices that record constantly. And the devices are providing the rest of us with some epic footage.

And that’s exactly how many are describing the footage captured last week by a camera that belongs to the Wray family. Cody Wray works with internet security and had been testing cameras on his own network, but he didn’t expect to see this.


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It isn’t a burglar. The person caught on video isn’t there to steal anything, though he is breaking the rules. All of the rules.

Dylan Wray, age 6, has a long list of things he’s not allowed to do in the house. Yet Dylan knows what he can get away with when no one is watching–at least when he thinks no one is watching–which is why he’d been getting up in the middle of the night and checking things off his six-year-old bucket list.


“Apparently he got up in the middle of the night,” his mother Becci Wray told CNN, “And started doing all the things he isn’t supposed to do.”

…all the things. Yes. And that is a pretty long list of infractions.

Dylan is a master jumper, and the new couch is the best place to demonstrate those skills. He’s a good climber, too. And the boy is surprisingly agile, as he demonstrates with near flawless cartwheels that he executes in a living room already crowded with expensive electronics.


“My husband is an internet security guy, and he was trying out some different cameras,” Wray said. “So he had this camera set up in the living room for months.”

The Wrays, though, had forgotten it was there. When they remembered it, they found the camera unplugged. Dylan, during one of his late-night romps, had found it–identified it as a potential threat, and unplugged it.


“He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with,” his mother said. “He got a stern talking to,” Wray added. “He knows better.”

The takeaway here is that the security system worked well. The bad news is that the Wray family has their hands full with Dylan, who is only six. We should expect some incredible footage from his teenage years.