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Guy Gets 4×4 Truck Stuck. Calls Wife’s Ex-Husband to Get Him Out. Internet Let Him Have It

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The Internet is full of heated discussions about which truck or 4×4 vehicle is the best. There are numerous memes about Ford’s getting rescues by Chevys, Chevys getting saved by Toyotas, and vice versa and so on.

When one gentleman got his truck stuck in a rut, he posted about it to a Facebook group he was a member of. He thought he was going to get some flack for calling a Chevy guy to get him unstuck, but that was the least of the commenters’ concerns.

You see, the person who the stuck guy called was his wife’s ex-husband (names have been removed to protect the potentially embarassed).

Well, being that this was the internet where this was posted, his fellow group members let him have it.

Obviously, the poster’s masculinity was called out at one point by one commentor.

Another member pointed out the obvious solution if the ex husband was the only option.

Some members have some creative suggestions for alternative courses of action that the original poster could have taken instead of calling the ex.

Including this guy who had multiple creative suggestions: