Here Are 7 Things You Should Probably Delete from Your Facebook Page Immediately.

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Social media allows people to share a variety of details from their lives, including anything from simple status updates to photos to events they want to attend. However, the recent data scandal involving Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have made many users incredibly aware of how vulnerable their data may be and that some items are better deleted.

Over 87 million Facebook users had their data harvested by Cambridge Analytica, including some fairly intimate details.

While some users chose to abandon the platform entirely, many simply want to reduce their risk while still remaining on Facebook.

1. Home Addresses and Schools

Certain pieces of information automatically make you more vulnerable, such as home addresses and even where you went to school. Deleting these tidbits can provide you with an additional level of privacy.

2. Birth Dates

Birthdays are also details best kept private, particularly as providing this information makes it easier to steal a person’s identity or access items like bank accounts.

3. Phone Numbers

Phone numbers on Facebook pages can leave people vulnerable to both stalking and scams.

4. Location Data and Tags

Allowing Facebook to access location data is also questionable, especially if a person’s location can be broadcast, giving individuals who may pose a threat a method for finding the user. The same goes for any post that includes a tag of a user’s location.

5. Information about Children

Information about a person’s children can also be seen as sensitive, particularly since most kids don’t provide consent for the images to be posted.

Listing a child’s school is also risky as anyone who may wish to do them harm can find them.

6. Certain Friends

In some cases, it may also be wise to pare down a “friends” list. Individuals that the user does not know well could pose a risk or unnecessarily connect them to causes or perspectives they do not support.

7. Employer Friends

Similarly, friending an employer could carry penalties, especially if the user expresses any level of discontent with their job on Facebook.

By removing certain pieces of information, it is easier for users to protect themselves, both online and off.