WATCH: Girl Completely Flips Out in Terror While Playing Virtual Reality Zombie Game [VIDEO]

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Video of a girl absolutely flipping out while trying out a cutting edge virtual reality game is going viral for so many reasons.

As the YouTube description states, “Renate tries The Brookhaven Experiment for the first time, and probably won’t again.”

Based on her reaction… I’m betting she really isn’t playing again.

The game, complete with HTC Vive headset and immersive surround sound headphones requires you to kill the zombies to survive and escape.  But you can tell Renate is having some trouble because the gun can actually be seen shaking in her hands, trembling in fear.

The games designers can be heard towards the end of the video, as Renate jumps and cries in fear, saying, “I think we might get some complaints.”

Instead of screaming in terror, you really want to be more like this Australian girl, who goes total bada** and starts talking trash as she guns down Zombie after Zombie.

Here’s the trailer announcement for The Brookhaven Experiment game, and it looks awesome: