Top 5 Strangest Military Experiments Caught on Camera

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We’ve all heard that crazy guy rambling on chemtrails, and science fiction is full of secret military experiments. These strange stories, however, are not only real, but filmed. The video below is taken from archived military footage regarding each experiment. It’s a weird weird world.



5. Operation Vegetarian

A British test of biological weapons in 1942, Operation Vegetarian. The test involved eighty sheep from an unpopulated island being exposed to spores of highly virulent anthrax. The video shows large poles used for releasing the spores, and the removal of dead sheep carcasses for incineration. After the tests proved the viability of the 5M anthrax strain, it was stockpiled for a (unused) plan to render German cities uninhabitable.


4.Operation Cauldron

Scientest from the same project continued experimenting with biological weapons for the British navy after the end of the war. The new operation, Operation Cauldron, was to test the effectiveness of weaponized plagues. Almost four thousand guinea pigs and over eighty monkeys were exposed to the materials, which included the bubonic plague and influenza. The animals were then diesected on a nearby ship. While initially a success, it was noted that civilians had entered the various plauge clouds on accident and suffered no ill effects.


3.Operation Tunnels/Waterbucket II

During the Vietnam war, the United States examined multiple solutions to driving the Vietcong out of hiding. One of these was Operation Tunnels/Waterbucket, a chemical warfare strategy. Experiments were done at the Edgewood Arsenal involving CS riot gas, including exposing American soldiers to them. The soldiers were volunteers, and while unaware of the agent, were assured it’s effects only temporary and that the gas was harmless.
While proposed as a non-lethal weapon, further study has found that CS gas causes significant pulmonary damage.

Project Dork

2. Project Dork

Again from the Edgewood Arsenal, the US Army conducted chemical tests on 7000 unwitting soldiers and 1000 civilians from 1948 until 1975, when a congressional investigation resulted in its closure. The goal was to find chemical agents that could compete with Soviet advances in pyschochemical warfare. At least 254 substances, including LSD, were tested and the reactions of subjects recorded on camera. Those who got high dosages were reported to have lost self control, suffer intense hallucinations, and have extreme mental disturbances. One of these substances (BZ) was eventually placed in cluster bombs, with 49 tons being put in production.


1.Operation Sea Spray/ Operation LAC

In the early fifties, the United States tested the effects of bacterial clouds on San Francisco. Spraying fifty gallons of “biological stimulant” of the shore in secret, the result was an estimate eight hundred thousand people exposed to the agent. A follow up operation was launched with several tons of zinc calcium sulfide being sprayed over the Midwest (Operation Large Area). The test was labeled as an invisible smokescreen test and supposedly contained radioactive materials.The specific make up of the test materials remains classified.