This Water-Powered Super-Trike Goes 0-60mph in Just Over Half a Second [VIDEO]

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François Gissy, a man who previously built a rocket-powered bicycle that reached a top speed of 207 mph and beat a Ferrari in a drag race, crafted another stunning creation. His water-powered trike is capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in just 0.55 seconds and can obtain a top speed of 162 mph in 1/8th of a mile.

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As reported by Popular Mechanics, Gissy, who is originally from Switzerland, doesn’t have a major sponsor for his projects, making the results of his home-built vehicles even more remarkable.

“I live in France, third-world country of motorsports,” said Gissy in an email. “That’s why I am stuck with such cheap projects – they are not even close to one percent of what I would like to build.”

The trike, which is powered by rainwater, features a wide array of parts. The front fork was salvaged from a motorcycle, and the rear wheels came from a go-kart. The vehicle is propelled forward thanks to 35 gallons of rainwater, which is held at a pressure of 6,000 psi, is contained in an aluminum tank that has been wrapped with carbon fiber.

When a valve is opened, the rainwater is released, turning it into a powerful propellant that launches the trike forward.

During an interview, Gissy was asked how it felt to reach 60 mph in just over half a second. He replied, “Very safe and comfortable compared to the previous rocket bicycle.”

Gissy said that, if he was given access to an unlimited budget, he would build a supersonic rocket dragster with the goal of breaking the sound batter in just a quarter mile.