This is What the World’s Most Expensive Headphones Sound Like

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At $55,000 there is little doubt that the Sennheiser Orpheus is the most expensive pair of headphones in the world. But are they worth it?

The Orpheus debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year and were one of the most talked about devices there.

Featuring a carrera marble base, that Sennheiser claims has certain acoustic properties to help eliminate “structure-borne noise” and an aluminum frame, the Orpheus was designed for sound quality with no concern for cost (obviously).

Sure, the sound is flawless and the slide-out buttons are cool as hell, but 55 grand?

No thanks, at that price I’ll buy a pair of Sennheiser HD 700s along with the optional Audi A6 (hey, if we’re staying under 55K, I actually have money to burn after this).