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This Flamethrower Packing Drone Looks Awesome! [VIDEO]

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This flamethrower equipped drone brings a whole new dimension to drone racing!

The same Connecticut teenager was investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for a drone armed with a handgun last summer is back – this time with a bad** flamethrowing drone.

Local media decided to reach out to Clinton Police Sgt. Dunn and received this response:

“Your email to me is the first time that I have heard of this latest development involving the young man you mentioned. I just spoke with my Deputy Chief John Carbone (my immediate supervisor) regarding your request for comment, and after speaking with him it was decided we (Clinton PD) have no comment on this matter, at this time.”

Of course, when police and the FAA looked into the firearm-toting Glock last year, both decided against filing charges because Austin Haughwout isn’t technically breaking any laws.

That hasn’t stopped the fun police from jumping down his throat in the comments section of the video:

“Videos like this make everyone interested in the hobby look irresponsible, and damages how multirotors are viewed by the public,” one user wrote.