This Company’s Full Color Nightvision is Going to Revolutionize Combat for US Forces [VIDEO]

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SPI, a Las Vegas-based company, has developed a revolutionary night vision sensor called the X27. But what makes the X27 so advanced? Well, just to begin with, this ultra-sensitive sensor is able to shoot both ordinary images during the day as well as full-color night-vision images.

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As the highest performing color low-light sensor imaging system, the X27 is the first of its kind to offer high definition day-like imagery in the darkest conditions. Using breakthrough technology, not only does the X27 outperform the latest night-vision technology, it also able to do so in full-color and is available in both hand-held and camera-core engines for military grade day/night imaging systems.

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Utilizing BSTFA (Broad Spectrum Thin Film Array) technology, this high-perfomance, low-noise sensor could potentially be integrated into all kinds of vision equipment, from scopes to binoculars, but its usage isn’t just limited to security and surveillance. Other uses included medical, bio-imaging, television and cinema footage, astrophotography, underwater imaging, and even forensics.

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Image Intensifier devices, the night-vision equipment currently incorporated by the military into goggles, weapon sights, and imaging systems that return a green-colored image, are currently the best technology available. The X27 low-light camera offers an image comparable to the Image Intensifier, however, it has the added ability of being able to deliver it in full color for the first time.

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Incorporating high grade,coated, IR corrected lenses, the 10 megapixel sensor works well in the daytime, however, the X27 low-light sensor also produces HD color imagery at less than 1 millilux low-light levels. Color low-light cameras currently exist, but don’t perform anywhere close to this level. Furthermore, the X27 is a fully automatic unit, requiring no user interaction for different light or scene environments, automatically adjusting with precision.

These SPI X27 low-light sensors will revolutionize the military, offering a distinct advantage over any night-vision device currently available, achieving incredible, true color imagery at real time, full-TV frame rates, but without any image lag, making the night look as bright as day.