Tesla Model S Gets Its Own Championship Racing Division

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It’s no secret that the Tesla Model S is no slouch in the speed department despite being a totally electric vehicle. The S can reach speeds of 130 mph and can hit 60mph in 4.2 seconds.

Not bad for a production car mainly marketed at reducing fuel costs and emissions.

Now, the electric beast is getting a chance to formally put that speed to work on the track. According to Gizmodo, electric is going legit in racing:

According to, the Electric GT World Series wants to become the first zero-emissions GT (read: road-car-based) championship in the world. The plan is to use all electric road cars modified for racing, with the Tesla Model S P85+ as the series’ technical base.

Naturally, reports that the series’ inaugural 10-car grid will be comprised entirely of the Model S, which will be stripped down for racing use and given better cooling, suspension and brakes.

If this trend of using electric cars in racing holds up then we might see a day where Nascar races get a whole lot quieter.