Ten Criminals Caught On Google Earth[VIDEO]

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Dumb criminals aren’t anything new, but now we’ve got pictures that the whole world can see! Google, wonderful company that it is, has captured these ten criminals on it’s world map, making them landmarks! From prostitutes to bike thieves, here are ten terrible deeds caught on Google Earth:

[scroll to the bottom for video]


Bike Thieves

10. Bike Thieves

A teen dragged from his bike found an image of him and his attackers on street view. The two bike thieves were quickly identified by investigators and arrested.

Weed Farm

9.Illegal Weed Plantation

In 2013 Oregon Police uncovered a huge marijuana operation on Google Earth. Curtis Croft was arrested for growing three times the legal amount of the drug.


8.Secret Swimming Pools

The Greek government have been using Google Earth to find tax evaders. Hiding the true size of properties, sixteen thousand and six hundred and fifty homeowners hadn’t declared swimming pools.


7.Stolen SUV

In 2013 a car was spotted on Google Earth six months after it had been stolen. Found by a landowner surveying his property, it was first mistaken as an illegal hunting hut.

Trailer Thief

6. Trailer Thief

Google Earth captured an image of a UK thief on the driveway of the home he robbed. Two years after police circulated an image of the trailer thief, a man was arrested.


5.Dumped Boat

A man faced five years in jail after illegal dumping his five meter boat in a vacant lot. A Florida cop using satellite image spoted the boat in front of the man’s home prior to the crime.


4. Prostitution

Over five thousand prostitutes have been spotted on Google Earth. The images are usually taken as women stand on roadsides waiting customers.


3. Illegal Logging

Police in the Philippines used Google Earth to trace illegal logging of rain forests. Investigations led to the seizure of five thousand and six hundred dollars worth of timber and twelve arrests.

Drug Ring

2.Brooklyn Drug Ring

A Google Street-View car caught a gang selling heroin on camera. Leading to increased police surveillance of the area, and six people were arrested.


1.Police Chase

A Siberian police chase was caught on camera. Cops were seen chasing two thieves before their arrest was captured on camera.