Samsung Mocks the History of the iPhone in Latest Ad

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Samsung took a shot at the iPhone X, releasing a television commercial that speaks to the history of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy lines, all through the eyes of an Apple aficionado. The approach is actually somewhat subtle, when it comes to promoting the Galaxy phones, instead focusing on the iPhone user’s struggles through time with his preferred brand.

The ad follows one man as he moves through the different iterations of the iPhone over time and, at each stop, one of the iPhone’s core issues is highlighted. This includes a jab at the memory capacity, the lack of a stylus, the size of the screen, the earlier versions not being water resistant, and the introduction of the dongle.

Samsung used the features of the correspondingly available Galaxy device to suggest that the iPhone was behind the times throughout their rivalry, shared by the iPhone user’s love interest in a fairly subtle fashion.

The ad also mocks people standing in line waiting for the newest iPhone to release.

Ultimately, since it’s an ad for Samsung, it’s no surprise that the iPhone user has decided to move away from the iPhone brand and purchase a Galaxy by the end of the commercial. It even continues, taking one last shot at Apple fans waiting in line for the iPhone X before displaying the tagline “Upgrade to Galaxy.”

As reported by CNET, Apple has often been criticized for waiting for new technology to be introduced by other companies and then working to improve it with their next release.

However, Samsung did have the opportunity to pick and choose the moments they wanted to highlight in the history of the iPhone and Galaxy, making it easier to draw comparisons that favor the Galaxy line.

Overall, reviews of the recently released iPhone X have largely been very positive, though the price point may leave some questioning whether the advancements are worth the investment. But, with the holiday shopping season on the horizon, it’s no wonder why Samsung is trying to extoll their devices virtues while trying to take a competitor down a notch.