Nokia is Bringing Back the 3310 and People are Losing Their Minds!

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What has been dubbed as the World’s Toughest, and possibly the most popular cell phone, is set to make a comeback. Yes, Nokia is set to roll out the 3310 again and you will be able to pick one up quite cheap, that is if you somehow managed to break your old one or you put it under a hydraulic press.

nokia 1

Nokia, now owned by Microsoft, didn’t have a lot of success since the inception of the smartphone, but they definitely helped kickstart the modern age of cell phones, particularly with the 3310, first released in 2000 and discontinued in 2005. Unlike its predecessors, the 3310 wasn’t just for calling, it also had a clock, calculator, could store reminders and, of course, it had the game Snake:

Now the phone that started a meme about surviving the apocalypse is coming back from the dead. A revised version of the Nokia 3310 will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of February and will retail in the UK for £59 (US$75), according to leaks from Evan Blass. In hindsight, even the phone’s retail price of $150 back in 2000 was a steal, as well.

nokia 2

There are several factors that many consider appealing about the 3310; besides being essentially bulletproof, it had a battery life that lasted for days. Furthermore, it was cheap, reliable, it didn’t require constant updates or upgrades and you could fix almost any problem by turning it off and on again, but these drawing points aren’t the basis for the phone’s relaunch. No, it’s all about the market.

nokia 3

According to the leaks, the plan is to cater to the people who live in remote areas that render an iPhone useless, or where data network overcrowding makes simple technology more beneficial. Then there are those who simply can’t afford the $159 for a set of wireless earphones that don’t work with any other device and lets not forget the ones who want greater security and are trying to minimize their data footprint.

nokia 4

In this day and age there are many reasons to yearn for the simple days of the Nokia 3310 and nostalgia is only one of them. Maybe if the launch is a success they will bring back more of their iconic models.

h/t Independent