New Airless Tire Promises To Make Flat Tires a Thing of the Past [VIDEO]

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When man invented the wheel, he forever changed the world. But the old stone models, and the later wooden ones offered a rough ride. Tires were a big development, but they go flat so easily. With all of the recent advances in material science, why hasn’t anyone been able to make a practical tire that won’t go flat?


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The flat tire is an especially big problem for cyclists. While most car tires are built with a rugged dependability that allows them to navigate basic road hazards, bicycle tires are lighter, thinner, and more prone to punctures. If you don’t ride with repair kits and pumps, you can end up walking your bike a long way back home.

Now Nexo has created an airless tire that is set to revolutionize how people think about tires. They’re calling them Evertires.


The Nexo design is supposed to overcome the main hurdle in this design concept: stiffness. Tires that don’t go flat are easy to make–but you loose the bounce and shock absorption that made the rubber tire such a wonderful addition to the rigid wheel.

The Utah based Nexo are making their tires out of a new polymer blend that is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of the road, but the material and geometric lattice of the tire help give it the pliability needed for a smooth ride.


The tires can be mounted on existing wheels, and have a lifespan of 3,100 miles. If you buy a wheel/tire combo from Nexo, that lifespan increases to 5,000 miles.

Nexo’s tire design is also easy to recycle. Sustainability and conservation are important to many cyclists, so this is an added attraction.


The concept is a promising development with long reaching implications. Recycling is just a start. If the design proves itself on bicycles, it will inevitably see adaptation in the automobile industry. Similar concepts are already in place on some ATVs.