These Children Are So Caught Up in Their iPad, They Don’t Notice When Their Parents are Replaced. [VIDEO]

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Technology has a way of absorbing one’s attention. You may well get absorbed by the video below. Yet researchers are growing increasingly concerned about the way mobile devices preoccupy children. And this experiment was designed to test those limits.

08252016 a3

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The video is produced by Dolmio, a company that makes a WIFI blocker meant for use at the dinner table. It even looks like a pepper grinder. To reinforce the necessity for their invention, they set up real experiments with four children aged between eight and 10 who are tech addicts.

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In each of the scenarios, they slowly began altering the environment around the kids. There wasn’t anything to prevent the children from watching the set changes, other than the attention grabbing devices in their hands. Yet nothing catches their attention.

08252016 a8

They switched out simple pieces of furniture, and moved in additional paintings. These are hardly subtle transitions. At one moment, a man in a horned viking helmet walks in and hangs  a garish yellow zebra painting on the wall.

08252016 a2

As the experiment progressed, they moved out the kids’ siblings, and replaced them with new ones. Some of the new siblings were from other races, others were adults.

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They even swapped out the real parents. All the while, the children continued to play, uninterrupted. It wasn’t until their WIFI signals were cut that they looked up form the screens and began to clue in on the changes.

08252016 a1

And then you may feel somewhat sorry for them. The looks on their faces captures the shock they must feel.

But the video offers its own justification for putting the kids through the experiment. The line “sometimes we need to disconnect to connect” scrolls on the video, and the voice-over says  “Family time is important.”

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Check out the video below. It proves its point surprisingly well, and is catching on with many parents who understand the frustration behind the video’s inception.