Conspiracy Theorists Claim Real Reason for US Huawei Trade Ban is the ‘Insane’ Spy Lens [VIDEO]

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Last week, the US government barred American companies from selling products to Huawei, a smartphone manufacturer. The reason given for the trade ban was Huawei’s violations of sanctions against Iran as well as assisting with Chinese spying. However, some Twitter users believe the “insane” camera zoom lens is the real reason the phones are banned.

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In March, Huawei released the P30 Pro, a device with, according to a report by the Daily Mail, a 50x digital zoom lens. Conspiracy theorists believe that the camera is the real reason the US initially announced a ban on selling products to Huawei.

Zhao Lijan, a Chinese diplomat and the deputy chief-of-mission at China’s embassy in Islamabad, shared a video on Twitter showing the Huawei P30 Pro’s capabilities.

The 50x digital zoom lens allowed the device’s user to zoom in one two boys in a park while positioned several stories above them in a nearby building.

“Why is Huawei making America tremble and go insane?” Zhao wrote. “Huawei’s new phone camera’s optical zoom is just insane.”

While the phones are not for sale in the US, unlocked versions from Latin America that are compatible with American carrier networks can be purchased online.

Images and videos of the phone’s capabilities have popped up on social media, and many have chimed in on the phone’s camera, calling the zoom “crazy” and “insane.”

“Crazy zoom. Impressed with the versatility of this camera,” said one Twitter user.

“The Zoom capabilities on the Huawei P30 Pro are insane,” another wrote.

While some commenters have suggested – at times, jokingly – that the camera’s zoom lens could be the reason behind the ban, other social media users were quick to point out that professional quality photography equipment can offer zoom capabilities far beyond the P30 Pro.

The US government asserts that the real reason for the trade ban focuses on national security, stating that Huawei cooperates with Chinese intelligence organizations. Additionally, the company has been accused of violating sanctions against Iran.

Huawei relies heavily on Google’s Android operating system. Additionally, they obtain parts from US components companies.

While the trade ban was altered early this week when the US government granted a 90-day limited exemption, allowing US companies to provide certain products and support to Huawei temporarily, companies may be completely barred from continuing their business relationships with Huawei once it expires.