5 Must-Have Apps You Should Add to Your Smartphone Right Now

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It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps available in the App Store and Google Play, especially since new options pop up every day and not all of them provide a substantial amount of value. However, there are plenty of gems that can help make life more manageable, and many of them are free.

Here are some of the most useful apps available today.


Many people turn to their smartphones to catch up on the latest news. But, if you regularly encounter signal dead zones, an online-only approach isn’t ideal.

Instapaper gives you the ability to bookmark articles you spot while you’re connected and enjoy them when you’re offline. It also gives you the ability to organize content into categories, highlight notable passages, and even write notes in the margins.


Waze combines crowdsourced information with GPS driving directions to help you find the best route available to reach your destination. The data updates in real-time, so you can find out about any traffic issues, speed traps, police activity, or anything else that might slow you down. You can also participate in the action by verifying the information is correct or reporting new data yourself.

As a bonus, Waze also gives you information about cheap gas stations, helping you save money too.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

If you find yourself at a loss when it comes time to cook a meal, the Dinner Spinner by Allrecipes can help you find new options based on ingredients you have on hand. All you have to do is provide information about your available ingredients, designate your available prep and cook time, and include details about any dietary restrictions and the app will give you a recipe that meets your parameters.


If you have roommates, Splitwise can help you keep track of shared expenses and calculate who owes what and why. It’s ideal for utilities, groceries, internet, and other costs that everyone shares and can even be used to track various IOUs that may come up.

Tiny Scanner

For people who like to have high-quality digital copies of important documents, Tiny Scanner is a convenient option. Simply snap a pic of the document, receipt, or another critical piece of information and the app will convert it into a PDF. You can share the scans by email, print them when you need hard copies, or save them to cloud storage for easy tracking.

h/t Insider