These Guys Managed to Launch an X-Wing into Space [VIDEO]

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It’s an X-wing flying over Earth!

In an effort to leverage director JJ Abrams love of practical effects (and lens flare), a pair of die-hard Star Wars fans came up with a most unusual way of asking for an invite to the premier.

“Ordinarily the answer would be no,” the duo wrote in the iconic scrolling font famous from Star Wars. “So we thought we’d try something extraordinary. We know you like practical effects and shooting in real locations. And we really love that there are X-Wings in the new film so…”

Matt Kingsnorth and Phil St. Pier made the video using an X-Wing model and a weather balloon. While the model technically only made it to the stratosphere, in my book it’s still the first X-Wing to fly in space since a long time a go in a place far, far away.

Let’s just hope Abrams appreciates the effort these two went through and gives them an invitation to the upcoming premier of Star Wars 7: