Strange Facts About AREA 51 You Need To See To Believe [VIDEO]

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There’s a mythos around Area 51. If there is a conspiracy that doesn’t feature the dubious Air Force base and its supposed alien contents, you have to wonder if they are really trying. But even aficionados might not know these startling secrets about this patch of land out in Nevada.


10. What’s In A Name?

During it’s building, AREA 51 was called “Paradise Rance” later shortened to “The Ranch”. Planners wanted to attract a number of contractors, and the name was designed to appeal to cowboy sensibilities (Which given the location was probably a smart idea).

Cosmic foreshadowing?
Cosmic foreshadowing?

It does make you wonder how many construction workers are now suspicious of any military jobs with cool sounding names.


9. Security

AREA 51 is famously off limits, but the level of secrecy is extreme. Motion sensors cover the perimeter, and there are regular patrols by contractors in 4×4’s.

Can't decide if this is silly, or scary because it looks silly.
Can’t decide if this is silly, or scary because it looks silly.

The contractors, also known as “cammo dudes” due to their desert camouflage, are rather strict on the “NO TRESPASSING” policy.


8. Alien Sex?

There is a sci-fi brothel near AREA 51. Attractions include dressing like Darth Vader and lady Stormtrooper hookers.


Not surprising given it’s fame as an alien touch down site, and what old B-movies tell us about aliens Though I’m surprised there are people that fantasize about storm troopers. Wasn’t Leia in Return basically made to be fetish fuel?


7. Secret Keeper

The United States would not acknowledge the existence of AREA 51 until 2013. Officially it was a test facility for areal surveillance technology.

Keep this in mind. He'll be back.
Keep this in mind. He’ll be back.

The sort of thing a Cold War U.S. would dearly like to not admit it has, and would create the sort of mysterious flying objects that people would mistake for flying saucers.


6. Cross Country

To test Military aircraft, planes were sent cross country from AREA 51. The key was seeing just how far the planes could fly, how fast, your standard race stuff.


Pilots to Main, however, often brought back a base treat: Lobster for the canteen. AREA 51 personnel must have eaten like kings those days.


5. Air Space

AREA 51’s airspace is designated R-4808, and is 37 by 40 kms, just a bit north east of the AEC Nevada airspace. Flying in this airspace is strictly illegal.


Penalties include Court Martial and dishonorable discharge for military personnel, and prison time for civilians. So memorize that square, would-be pilots.


4. Partying Like It’s 1947

Alright, this is a tad insane. So, not only is there a sci-fi borthel nearby. Not only is Maine lobster flown in when possible. But AREA 51 has it’s own tennis court and bowling alley? I mean they don’t get radio except in the evening, and there was no TV for a long time. But still. How many military bases have all that? Is this the massive bribe to not talk about what you saw there?


3. The Only Way To Be Sure

The largest nuclear atmospheric test in the United States wasn’t that far from AREA 51, conducted in the nearby Yucca Flats test site. The blast was five times larger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, and probably contributed to local rumors of weirdness (As for obvious reasons, you also can’t enter nuclear test sites).

Indpendence day

2. Our Independence Day

The US armed forces were going to provide personnel, equipment, and costumes for independence day (as they often do for films that show the US in a positive light alla Transformers). But they eventually pulled out. Now, if you’ve seen Independence Day, you know the normal reasons (Military is bad guys, US is bad guys, etc) aren’t there. So why pull out?

The AREA 51 references. Remember, AREA 51 was only acknowledged three years ago. The US Military wasn’t tolerating any of that conspiracy theory nonsense.


1. Soviet Spys

Intelligence stated the Soviets had gathered details of a classified plane from infrared satellites. In order to confuse the satellites, AREA 51 crews built decoys from cardboard. And gee, I wonder if decoys designed to fool military grade spy satellites might have confused a few nearby onlookers into thinking aliens were coming.