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Star Wars Rogue One Tickets On Sale Now, and New Trailer Released

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While the hype surrounding the release of Rogue One pails in comparison to the build up for The Force Awakens just a year ago, the die-hard Star Wars fans have already bought tickets this morning. If you want to see it opening weekend, today’s the day.

And for those who can’t wait, Lucasfilm has released a new trailer today. “Trust,” which is the theme of the new trailer, shows off more of the comedic one-liners Star Wars fans love so dearly. Times are dark, but the rebels still have a wry sense of humor.


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And the new trailer is a metaphor for Disney’s stake in Rogue One. This is the first in a new line of interstitial films–one-off story lines meant to fill in some of the gaps left in the epic story’s chronology.


Disney is placing a lot of Trust in this film. If it succeeds, as everyone expects, it will pave the way for future films and character driven bio-pics. We can expect more on the origins of Han Solo and Boba Fett, at the very least, but fans should be getting one major live-action film from the Star Wars universe each year.


Rogue One will pick up sometime before the story of A New Hope (the original Star Wars film that started it all). The rebels will be in search of plans for the Death Star. No spoiler alert needed–anyone who has seen a Star Wars film knows that they succeed. They get the plans, but at what cost?


If it bombs, which it could–at least by Star Wars standards, future funding for the force will be severely curtailed. Earlier this year Disney ordered several weeks of re-shoots. The first cuts of the film had something missing, executives thought, and they spent hefty sums to fix those problems.


The December 16 premiere, though, should still be epic for the bottom-line of Disney. Get you tickets now if you want in on the action. And, if you aren’t in the very first showing, I’d suggest plugging your ears when standing in line. The people coming out will be buzzing.