Star Trek Actor Explains Star Wars Day So You Can Understand [VIDEO]

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May the Fourth be with you! You’re probably hearing that a lot, thanks to the monumental importance of the day.


But for those of you who don’t understand, or seek a deeper connection to the Fourth, UCB Comedy brought in Star Trek’s Tim Russ to explain the Star Wars franchise and holiday more thoroughly.

WARNING: Star Wars fans will either laugh or throw things when watching this. We recommend laughter.


Explaining the series, the Star Trek veteran says:

“What is a Star War? A star war is like a regular war only, instead of bullets, it’s got lasers. And in the Star Wars, there is only one star war – but it is a doozy!”

[scroll down for video]

“In the Star Wars, the Fourth is a powerful energy that binds the galaxy together. Using the Fourth, powerful magicians called Space Druids are able to do crazy things like… pick something up or tell people their wrong.”

Russ continues: “Why May the Fourth? Well, May the Fourth is Star Wars Birthday. So when you say ‘may the fourth be with you’, you’re really saying ‘Happy Birthday Star Wars’.”

Later on, Russ introduces some of the key characters from subsequent “The Star Wars” movies, such as Fatty the Slug:


Ed Harris:


Axe Hog:


And… Laura:


Sadly, Harris never mentions Steven Segal’s cameo in The Star War 6: Return of the Space Druid: