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Life Sized AT-AT Walkers Coming to Disney Parks. How Do You Pronounce AT-AT, Anyhow? [VIDEO]

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Everyone needs a bit of escapism from time-to-time. To that end, we provide you with this distracting news. Disney, who now owns all things Star Wars, is building life sized AT-AT Walkers for their theme parks.

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This is big news for Star Wars fans. The ever increasing scale of Star Wars vehicles had formed a kind of inaccessibility for a devoted legion of fans know for their epic DIY reconstructions of props and costumes.

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The originals used in The Empire Strikes Back are miniatures. So even those, the ones that appear in the movie, are a bit of a let down in real life. But these new additions to the theme parks should make fans giddy.

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Star Wars Land theme parks will open at both DisneyWorld and Disneyland in 2019. Their grand-openings should coincide with the release of the third film in the latest trilogy (part IX).

Much of what will be added to the parks is being kept under wraps, but AT-AT walkers are harder to hide. Images began leaking recently, and they’re going viral among Star Wars fans.

To celebrate, and to clear up some of the controversy, we’ll include this video from Nerdist about the pronunciation of AT-AT. While it might seem like a trivial matter to those of you who aren’t card carrying members of Vader’s 501st, it has stirred a tremendous amount of debate online. And no one can argue like a pent-up Star Wars fanboy.

Perhaps that’s why Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot is so vehement in her rebuttal. She’s clearing enjoying putting the smack-down on some opinionated commenters.

Looks like someone needs to put this information into the show bible for Rebels, as they didn’t get the message.

Perhaps the original source might be the best. In ESB, they’re simply referred to as “Imperial Walkers.”