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Dying Star Wars Fan Gets Private Force Awakening

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Dead Fan
Sometimes, Disney still grant’s wishes.

Most fans of StarWars don’t think of the new films in a life or death. Except, tragically, Daniel Fleetwood. Daniel was diagnosed with cancer in July and given two months to live. While he managed more than that, his family recently revealed that the cancer was spreading and that Daniel’s days were numbered. Daniel, being an avid StarWars fan looked to die just a few months before The Force Awakens.

His family, however, began a campaign on twitter(#ForceForDaniel) to convince Disney and Lucasarts to let Daniel in on an early screening of the movie. The movement gathered momentum, with stars like Mark Hammil and John Boygeua spreading it on their own twitters. When the House of Mouse found out, they quickly agreed, since this is what they live for. Daniel got a call from J.J. Abrams, and earlier this week, got the private screening.

Good to see Disney and co. are still human deep down inside. A little. Probably.