Darth Vader Dad Pranks Two Year Old and Finds The Sleeping Jedi Boy Can Fight

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Rob Lopez is a fun dad. But his “May the Fourth” wake-prank for his son Sebastian–who is only two–has many questioning his parenting skills.

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Lopez dressed in a very realistic Darth Vader costume, one equipped with appropriate voice modulation, and prodded his son awake with a light saber. Yet it isn’t the costume that has the video making the rounds today–it is Sebastian’s reaction to waking up to Darth Vader.

vader dad 3

This is what Lopez looks like when he’s not traumatizing his kids. Maybe.

This should really fall into the “dubious parenting” category here on Tribunist. First, I’m questioning if a two year old should even know to be scared of Darth Vader. But what kind of dad wakes up his son by scaring him half to death?

Kids age at different rates. Some are ready for things others are not. And since this little Jedi is already developing some mad light-saber skills, who am I to judge?

vader dad 1

And look at how the youngling diffuses the situation. After engaging in a bit of sword play, he comes around with a conciliatory, peaceful resolution. And, just like that, the problem of Darth Vader is instantly solved.

This is some real diplomacy in action. And I’d expect that Rob has some lessons to learn from his son. Either way, it seems like their bonding time is going well.

I’ve got some advice for Sebastian, though. Maybe someone in the family could share it with him. I’d watch your father pretty closely. And I’d watch the calendar. If this is how he begins this tradition, it is only going to get worse. Next year, you might find yourself hung upside down in the freezer by your boots, while your father parades around the kitchen in a Wampa costume. The year after that, he might try to find a way to encase you in carbonite.

One thing’s clear, though. Sebastian whines less than Luke. And he has some pretty mad sword skills for someone who may still be wearing pull-ups.