Carrie Fisher Goes on Epic Rant Against Star Wars Fans!

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Carrie Fisher has been an icon of geek culture for almost 40 years – ever since we first saw Princess Leia and her hair buns leaving a message for Obi Wan Kenobi.

When it was followed up with the legendary “Slave Leia” outfit in Return of the Jedi, she literally became the poster girl for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Slave leia

Now some fans have attacked Fisher for the terrible crime of… aging. She responded in truly epic fashion. It reads:


“What I didn’t realize,m back when I was this twenty-five-year-old pinup for geeks in that me myself and iconic metal bikini, was that I had signed an invisible contract to stay looking the exact same way for the next thirty to forty years. Well, clearly I’ve broken that contract. Partly because, in an effort to keep up my disguise as a human being,  I had a child a some point. And then, in an effort to stay sane for said child, I took pounds and pounds of medications that have the dual effect of causing water retention (think ocean, not lake) while also creating a craving for salad – chocolate salad. So yes, in answer to your unexpressed question, sanity does turn out to come at a heavy price.”